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Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival Announces LunaFest ‘24 – A Nine-Day Extravaganza of Music, Community, and Acceptance

Boulder, CO – Get ready to rock! Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival announces LunaFest ‘24, a nine-day celebration of music, food, and inclusivity in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. This multi-genre event will bring together local and national acts for an unforgettable experience that showcases the power of community, culture, and collaboration - shattering records for its Colorado inauguration this April.

Dates: April 21st (Free Pre-Party), April 22nd – 28th (Main Festival), April 29th (Exclusive Afterparty)
Location: DV8 Distillery, Boulder, CO (Main Festival), Velvet Elk Lounge (Pre-party)
Tickets: $40 (Single Day), $120 (Nine-day Pass)
Headliners: Biotechnick, Float Like A Buffalo, Flobots, System Restore, Bearded Cheiftains, More TBA

Experience the Music, Embrace the Community

LunaFest ‘24 is more than just a music festival. It's a place to celebrate diversity, acceptance, and the transformative power of art. With over 90 bands representing a wide array of genres, there's something for everyone. Enjoy delicious eats from local food trucks, browse unique crafts from retail vendors, and connect with impactful organizations including Punk Rock Saves Lives and NoCoSafeSpace.

Inclusivity at the Heart

Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival, a Colorado non-profit, is committed to the creation of a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. The woman and LGBTQIA+ owned and operated festival is a shining example of the power of inclusion and the beauty of a diversified and supportive community.

Special Thanks

The festival extends a heartfelt thank you to Liquid Death for keeping our artists hydrated, Lodo Drum Guy for providing and maintaining a drum set for artists to use, Velvet Elk Lounge for offering their space for the pregame event, DV8 Distillery for offering their space for the main event, YellowScene Magazine for promotional assistance, and all of our bands for helping spread the word!

Tickets won’t last long at this price!

Mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and get ready for a week of unforgettable music, community, and memories at LunaFest ‘24! Tickets may be purchased at

For more information and the latest band schedule, please visit or follow the official Instagram page at @lunarluxfest.

About Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival

Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival was founded on December 29th of 2023, with the intention of bringing communities together via the power of music and art. LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and female identifying individuals are embarrassingly underrepresented and disrespected in the music industry, and the organization intends to change not only that, but the lives of those in marginalized communities and their families. When festivals occur, artists NEVER pay to play, are not required to make ticket sales, and are guaranteed to be able to keep 100% of merchandise sales. 

Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival originally began in the small Florida town of Vero Beach in March of 2023 when a bar owner asked founder Luna Rose Wolf if she booked bands. Having grown a huge interest in doing so while working as a professional concert photographer, she said “No, but I will.”

Later that week, she contacted the owner of local pool hall Pockets Billiards & Bites to see if they would like to host a couple of bands, and owner Gary McKinnond was honored to give LunaFest ’23 a place to call home. Florida bands ¡Fuákata!, Paging Mr Herman, and Off The Rails were all aboard. (See what I did there?)

Within days, more bands were interested in joining the lineup, and the event grew into a three day festival with forty bands. It didn’t stop there. Finishing as a 4 day festival with food trucks, vendors, and over 60 different bands, LunaFest ’23 literally made history by breaking local records for the most bands to attend an event.

News travelled rapidly, and those who didn’t hear of the event or weren’t able to attend expressed their disappointment of missing out when hearing the stories from festival attendees. This led to the creation of LunaFest ’24, which was originally set to take place in March but was cancelled due to major changes in Luna’s life including moving out of state to Colorado due to the transphobic nature of Florida causing the loss of her medications, her job, and nearly her life.

Many still begged her to bring back the festival, and once she settled down in Colorado she did exactly that. Scheduled to take place from April 22nd until the early morning hours of April 29th, LunaFest ’24 is back, and is ready to make history in the Boulder! With bands from several states, including performers from LunaFest ’23 as well as international acts, there’s already a buzz on the streets of both Denver and Boulder.

Beginning in 2025, LunaFest will be under the name Warped Wolf to prevent confusion with the popular film festival that used the previous name, and the new name hints at the involvement of craft beer at future events, another of Luna's passions.


Luna Rose Wolf
Executive Director
[email protected]

We're a Colorado non-profit organization run by just one person, we rely on support from people like you to bring our events to your community 🩵