See you at LunaFest '24!

LunaFest '24 is a nine day multi-genre music & arts celebration featuring over 90 musical acts along with vendors, food trucks, and performers from all over the country and even a few from further, and it is holding its inaugural event in Boulder, Colorado after its beginnings in Florida in May of 2023 which hosted 52 bands over the span of four days in Vero Beach.

April 22nd-28th @ DV8 Distillery · Boulder, CO

The party officially starts in :

LunaFest '24 is here to set the standard for music festivals!

Transparency, integrity, diversified talent, inclusion and protection of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of color, and refusal to use a pay-to-play model are just a few of the things that we're doing to set the bar higher. We won't treat our guests like cattle, we won't use weather as an excuse to collect insurance money, and we won't force our artists to sell tickets. We will provide our artists with drink tickets, water, fair pay, and tickets for the entire festival. We may not have 90 names you'll recognize, but we do have several dozen you will soon.

Luna Rose Wolf


90+ bands is a lot, but what else is there?

The bands are certainly the highlight of the event, but don't underestimate everything else we have to offer!

Craft Vendors

From oddities to paintings, we've got a wide selection of visual arts and retail vendors!

Expert Mixologists

There's no Budweiser truck here. Not only is the festival INSIDE of a distillery, there's craft beer right next door!

Food Trucks

Sliders, fried chicken, Caribbean soul food, Cajun style seafood and wings, and wood-fired pizza are all on our menu! And there's vegan options, too!

Daily Raves

There will be a laser rave with a live DJ from 1:00-2:00 A.M. every single night, featuring DJs including Tuesday's headlining EDM act Biotechnick!

Festival Schedule

We've got three different events all merged into one!

Sunday, April 21

Pregame Event

Velvet Oak Lounge

Pregame @ Velvet Elk Lounge!

Join us for live music, cocktails, and appetizers as we prepare our bodies for a whole week of chaos! And it gets better! All attendees will receive a cocktail or glass of wine on the house!

April 22-28

LunaFest '24

DV8 Distillery

The Main Event - LunaFest '24

Over 70 hours of live music, food trucks, craft and retail vendors, handcrafted cocktails, craft beer, poi and LED spinners, as well as appearances by our partner organizations including Punk Rock Saves Lives!

Monday, Aptil 29

Afterparty Event

Details TBD

Afterparty! For the most hardcore LunaFest fans

This event is ONLY for all-week festival passholders - which also includes all bands, vendors, and staff. Even more live music will be accompanied by free snacks and an open bar, early news regarding the next event, and more!

Here's your ticket!

April 22nd-28th @ DV8 Distillery · Boulder, CO · 4:00 P.M. - 2:00 A.M. Every Day


Over 80 hours of live music!

Our Headliners

We think they're great. You will too.

Sunday, April 21 (Pregame)

Audio Mocha

Monday, April 22

No Headliner

Florida Dubstep DJ

Tuesday, April 23


Wednesday, April 24


Thursday, April 25

System Restore

Colorado Alternative Hip-Hop

Friday, April 26


Saturday, April 27

Bearded Chieftains

Sunday, April 28

Float Like A Buffalo

Monday, April 29 (Afterparty)


Event Partners, Sponsors, and Donors

LunaFest '24 is brought to you by these incredible organizations:

Want to become a part of LunaFest '24?

Here's a few options!

Vend with us!

You bring your products, we'll bring the crowd!

Sponsor the event!

Let our fans become your fans, too!

LunaFest '24 Updates

Check out our latest blog posts!

Pregame Event :

Velvet Elk Lounge - Free Show!
2037 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Afterparty Event :


There's NINE days straight of live music!

From the pregame event to the afterparty and the seven day festival in between, we've got your entertainment for the week more than covered. Vendors, food trucks, corporate activations, daily raves, and LED spinners make for one hell of a festival!

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And Over 300 musicians attending!

From coast to coast, we've sourced an incredible and diverse selection of talent, from over a dozen different states and over 75 genres! We've got cow punk, riddim, metal, and everything in between!

Huge shout out to Liquid Death for quenching their thirst!

Liquid Death

We're a Colorado non-profit organization run by just one person, we rely on support from people like you to bring our events to your community 🩵