Lunar Lux® Music & Arts Festival takes a lot of time and money to operate. Advertising, web and graphic design, venue rentals, equipment rentals, event personnel, licensing, and many other costs are necessary to keep the festival alive.

Unlike many other festivals, we do not charge our artists to perform at our events. Aside from headlining acts which involve monetary guarantees and show riders, payment of all other acts is directly connected to the event’s profit. After finances are combined from pre-sales, door sales, sponsorships, and donations, production costs are first deducted and a small portion goes into the company account for future events. The remainder of funds is evenly distributed among all non-headlining acts.

It is up to our sponsors and donors to make a difference in the lives of the talented acts that perform at our events, and your contribution can make the difference between a band barely scraping by and treating themselves to a fancy dinner after the show.

We're a Colorado non-profit organization run by just one person, we rely on support from people like you to bring our events to your community 🩵